Branson Family Pictures

This weekend we traveled up to Idaho Falls to do some family pictures for my cute cousin Lindsy and her awesome husband Jeff. Before I say anything else, let me give you fair warning that this family is absolutely adorable! My cousin Lindsy has been my idol throughout my whole life and now I can't believe she already has four little munchkins! I really hope my kids turn out to be as perfect as these ones, they are so sweet and truly little blessings. I had so much fun taking these pictures because this is the perfect family to do fun pictures with, and the kids were beyond great! We got a few shots on the front porch of their house and then this field was just what I was looking for! I am so pleased with the way they turned out. Love this cute family!

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  1. You're so talented Megan! I love that baby's face.

    The Broadcloth