Brandon and Allie Las Vegas Temple Wedding

I have been so honored to photograph several temple weddings in the last few months. It is truly such a memorable experience each time working with these sweet couples on such a special day in their lives. I had to share some photos from this day, there are so many good ones I just picked a few to feature here. I've learned so much about the best angles and places to photograph on the temple grounds here in Las Vegas, you will notice we got photos from almost every side of this beautiful and sacred building! It takes a lot of experience and learning for photographers to provide a good experience for not only the couple, but the family members and friends attending the wedding. This is a skill I hope to share with more couples in the future.


Home Life Session

I’ve been stewing with an idea for awhile and I am so excited to share it. 

For many people, your home is a special place. It’s a place where your life is happening, and where so much of your story can be told. Your home is in a way, another member of your family. 

During this session I want to capture the everyday life of your family in your home. I want to capture the corners of your home where your family is learning and playing, where you are preparing meals for your family, where honest conversations and relationships form. I am essentially a fly on the wall in the everyday happenings in your home. 

The idea behind these photos is to be planned but not posed. I recommend talking with your family and deciding what the night will consist of. It should be fairly natural, things that each family member could be found doing. Each child can practice their instrument, spend time in their room reading their favorite book, playing their favorite game with each other. You can cook a meal for your family and eat together, talking about your days together. Following your meal you can gather together on the couch or in the yard and play a game or simply enjoy one anothers company.

These photos will be a moment in time, captured and remembered for generations to come. 

it had a heart & a soul & 
eyes to see us with & approvals &
solicitudes & deep sympathies; it was of us,
& we were in its confidence,
& lived in its grace & in the
peace of its benediction. We
never came home from an 
absence that its face did 
not light up & speak out 
its eloquent welcome & we
could never enter it unmoved.
-Mark Twain

Emma and Chad Desert Bridals

 I have had so much fun photographing Chad and Emma! You may recognize them from an engagement session from earlier this year (see below post), which was gorgeous. They are both students at BYU-Idaho and are excellent students. Emma is doing amazing work getting a degree in Nursing and Chad is pursuing a degree in Finance! Such a sharp and well rounded couple! They have both been amazing to work with and I love the vision they have for their wedding day.

Being able to work with these two from start to finish is extremely rewarding for me, and has opened my eyes to why photographers like to be able to do everything from engagements to wedding day. In my mind I already know the kinds of shots we have so far, and so I know what kind of shots I want to capture on their wedding day to balance out the photos we have taken. Regardless of who you choose to photograph your wedding and the events leading up to it, I would highly recommend using the same person throughout!

I can't wait to photograph these two getting married in the Las Vegas Temple on August 20th! More of these two lovebirds to come!